redefine how you see speed.

Reflexion is a gamified neuro-fitness platform that helps coaches increase athletic performance, accelerate recovery, and reveal hidden scouting intelligence markers. 

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better brains build 

better athletes. 

Professional athletes like Tom Brady use neuro-fitness to give them the competitive edge. Previously only possible to the elite with dedicated experts, Reflexion makes vision and cognitive training possible for players and teams at every level. Put the power of neurofitness training in your own hands.

brain training that's 

fast, fun, & portable.

Performance enhancement. Holistic sports training. Recovery management

With measurements from the Edge, Reflexion puts all three advantages at your fingertips in a compact carrying case that goes wherever you need it to. Take the Edge from its rollable case to full extension in less than three minutes.

train smarter.

act today

training in 2020 needs to go past the weight room and track

There’s a lot of information processing going on mid-drill, which is what makes them so valuable.

dyana bullinger

U.S. air force academy

speaking on minefield & waterfall

Our athletes...can see obvious improvements in their reaction time, eye tracking, memory, balance etc. Plus it’s fun and they can tap into their competitiveness by getting on our athletic training room 'leaderboard'.

stephanie schaldonat

head athletic trainer, the hill school

I’ve only had the Edge a week and now the kids get mad when they can’t do training on it.

jarad branski

athletic trainer

but don't just take our word for it...


sport-specific training

Whether you’re an athlete or coach, your programs and peak performance outcomes are customized just for you.

react sooner. adapt faster. win more.


competitive & engaging

easy to use

With an accessible and simple app and easy hardware setup, tracking your mental fitness has never been easier.

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digital doping – your unfair advantage.

Give your athletes a measurable athletic advantage that enhances their performance both on and off the field.  Using Reflexion maximizes performance and helps achieve desirable sports milestones.  Brain training is the all-natural path to hitting elite fitness goals while having a ton of fun while you do it!

Just provide the brain power - Reflexion will do the rest.

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enhanced cognitive data, 

all in one easy-to-use app.

Easily keep track of multiple players and teams.

Evolving software that's continuously improving for your benefit 

Simple statistics allow athletes to identify strengths and weaknesses.


train your brain   

wherever you go. 

Weighing less than a water cooler and easy to unfold, the Edge is simple to pack up and set up, from the office to the training room.


“You can fold it up...perfect for high school coaches who need to lug these things to games.”


training before and 

after any Injury.  

Reflexion tracks the results of injured athletes, which can help the recovery process after any type of injury. This is done with highly precise measurements and fully body movement.


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It's engaging, portable, and maximizes wins.

Compete against yourself and your teammates for the best scores across a variety of cognitive exercises